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TWS SCHOLARSHIP Assalamualaikum , 

okay , kite sambung . so , when i read back the entries that i wrote , there were full of grammar errors and typos !! bapak malu , but oh well , i was typing as fast as lightning you know , sebab nak kejar Wifi free nih . Again , to get something , it is never going to be easy at the very first place . Alah , even nak bayar parking kereta pon kena travel jauh nak pergi kat that particular machine . haha.

Okay , so , when I got the scholarship , actually , that 12k worth for both semesters in my foundation year in Taylors University . Tapi , taylors is an IPTS , so the fee would be beyond that 12k okay . So , actually I only got half scholarship . hehe . But , I was lucky , though , because not many people were offered this kind of worth ! Rata2 , 6k je macam tu , and the places were conquered by the chinese and indian fellows . Diorang memang superb , i would say .

So, as my name got called kan , so , the supervisor advised me to go to the counselling room in order for me to get vivid view bout the scholarship . nak kasi clear lah pandangan ni . haha . So , I went there and she convinced me and both my parents to accept this offer . So , at that moment jugak , I signed the contract , and everything had been processed . So , here am I ! Taylors lah ek . hehe . Alhamdulillah . So , the next three days , kelas pon bermula . For your information , I only last in this institution for only a month then I pulled myself out . This one  i will share nanti

okay , enough for the TWS , let's proceed to JPA-MARA scholarship pulak !


That beautiful morning , the nimbus of clouds  portraying  cute figures in the azure cyanic blue sky , with flock of birds made their way  landing on their platform and the look on my parents' faces really made my day . I woke up pretty early that day , as I realized that JPA-MARA is the only scholarship that I really tend to grab, as finally there is a scholarship offered for my dream course , which is medicine or dentistry . But , I turned out to choose pharmacy ? haha , it is because I was thinking , if i choose pharmacy , I will have an ample time for my family and friends to be spent for the rest of my life okay . ( But then i think that i actually want to be a doctor ;( )So , as usual , my mom woke me up from my dreadful sleep and i would like to give round of applause to mama for managing me that well to wake me up everyday for subuh ye mama . haha . I LAP YOU MUAH!. Everything went fine and flow smoothly as I planned , except for the fact that we had to wear baju yang hodoh . white plain collar-T , with a pair or tracksuit and sport shoes . these = ugly . It is true .Oh well , as long as I can meet up with my ex schoolmates , that would be fine for me . So , being there , in INTEC , it was like a small   reunion to me , i met so many close peeps there , like Adam , Luqman , Ain , Ema , Hadi , Ellis , Rasyidah , Kak nab and so many more ! My smile was indeed euphoric sampai nak terkoyak pipi doh . They were amazing and such a brainer siot .

As for this interview , we had two modules , which includes the english module and malay module . We were given numbers to be held all the time and i was in  group 1 . so , we had to do the english module first .My group was awesome and they were from everywhere , like KYS , SEMASHUR , MRSMPC , MRSM Taiping dll.. and the motion was .... i could not recall , but i am pretty sure that the motion that we got was the hardest if compared to the other group ! I wont go detail on this , because there are just so many to tell and i find out it is more interesting if you experience it yourself kan . Sadly , i got rejected at the first place and was not selected to get this scholarship , mungkin bukan rezeki kot , but i am still hoping for my rayuan to be acce
pted , AMEEN!

3) YAYASAN TENAGA NASIONAL (YTN) -electric and electronic engineering 

Okay , What is YTN ? haha , biasiswa lah . tu je . lel.
haha . okay2 , as for this interview ... Actually , the date fell on the same date which is 25th of march 2015 , but as the great mind of my dad's met its great idea , hehe , he negotiated with the ytn's committee , so that my date of interview would be postponed to the next day , or else carry forward lah . All went well , and alhamdulillah , the date of the interview or ytn camp was held the next day after the JPA-MARA's due . Both interview went fine , smooth as silk , but as for this ytn , I did not gve my very best . why ? simply , just because , I do not have passion in physics .

I hate physics so much , unless when i understand it macam tahap dewa , which to reach that level , it felt like forever tau dia punya keringat tu .haha. Firstly , as usual , for the taklimat , we had to wear smart casual , again , and i did get confused , smart casual ni sebenarnya pakai baju suit n tie or simply collar tee and a pair of jeans ? I did get confused , but to make it more safe , i just wore a set of suit , macam seolah-olah nak interview kerja . But , i did not wear tie , because , smart casual kan , so my casuality would be baju yang selesa , without wearing tie , as long as i feel comfy with my attire . done . BUT , ALL THE CANDIDATES WERE ACTUALLY WEARING SUIT N TIE KOT EXCEPT ME !! BAPAK MALU ! Yes , sangat malu *tutupmuka* haha. Yup , my adrenaline state was at its peak , where i could not calm myself down as i was the most odd of all and the panels were everywhere watching me with that eagle-eye sight . So scary . During that stage , macam biasalah , semua orang berlakon , nak menonjol en , well , not me , because if i have no question to be asked and i did not have any  curiosity , i wont be asking simply stupid questions . i just remain calm , and just listened to the penceramah bercakap . I am a person who did not like to express myself too much and to tell people something that is related to privacy which could lead to humiliation . example ? haha . masa aku dengar ceramah , the first 30 minutes boring nak mati , but it was important point kot ! at least i knew that tnb is the best electrical service company in the world and now is the biggest electrical based company in Asia , which was stated in FORBES magazine . haha . So , that was the first 30 minutes , after that , i was like ... i wanted to take a piss , haha . i wanted to go to the loo so bad , that i was barely shaking my legs vigorously and it was certainly not a good thing to be watched . The panels were everywhere observing us , but i just did not care ! sebab memang datang sebab nak experience je , x ada niat pon nak dapat this scholarship . So , i had to wait for one hour when the talk was ended . aku malu nak cakap kat penceramah , ''nak pergi toilet boleh ?'' , ee malulah depan perempuan . But , seriously , this is not a good example okay ! it is a total no-no . waiting for one hour to piss , it feels like eternity . sakit , tak tahan sangat ! haha .

Oh yeah , the iv was held at UNITEN punya hotel , so we had our tea break at the hotel , and the foods were bizarre ! makanan hotel ,the more the expectations , the more the reality offers you . Yup , i was expecting this and that , and  eventually , it was beyond that . haha . Okay , after the tea break , we performed our zuhur prayer berjemaah kat not-so-called surau , but alhamdulillah , as long as dapat berjemaah , that would be the best =] as the time went ticking without waiting for me , the moment of we waiting for , finally came ! haha . group discussion ! okay , before the discussion started , we were gives a piece of papers that were filled with 15 questions that have no right and wrong answers . But , i could feel that they wanted to observe how fast is our thinking skill and EQ level .  The questions were hard , because they deals with our honesty . we were only given 5 minutes , no compromise . kalau tak siap , nasiblah . Alhamdulillah dapat jawab semua , and my handwriting was like hell , cakar ayam bangat . Okay , then we had group discussion where we were given an issue , current issue about malaysian mindset gitu , and i was selected as a group leader ! MAMPOS . haha , because the panels really looked forward at our ketangkasan and leadership . my groups were stand of budak TKC , and beberapa SBP lain . I was the only ex-MRSM . =[ x de gang . But , their soft skills were unbelievably awe-inspiring . haha . All is well , tapi kena condemn lah at the end dengan panels , sebab dia tanya aku , '' are you satisfied with your group members ?'' , oh jahatnya kamu panels  tanya soalan itu kepadaku...haha , so i cakap lah , i really satisfied with them , because we went through all the points together without splitting tau ! never underestimate kami okay ..haha . Then , after the group discussion , we had our individual iv session , where i was at the second last turn ... bapak lama weh . 2 hours of waiting , i was like sleeping , eating , chatting , and so much more lah ! haha . But , when it comes to my turn , the panel simply cakap , '' okay ,saya tahu awak penat , we are all exhausted , just make it short and simple , but yet interesting . tell me your name , your parents occupation and all ya '' . parents' occupation ? haa ? but , i just told them anyway . huhu . They  condemned me again , because they knew that my passion was so not into engineering but at something else . so , the panel told me with his husky and manly voice , '' muka awak tak macam engineer pon '' . oh damn you , haha . so , i lied a bit and i told them , yes , 'engineering is my life , i like it better than anything else . please have the believe in me okay ?' hehe . so fake . may allah forgive me what i had done .

I just felt so happy when the iv session went over , i met so many friends , gained loads of experience and yeah , carpe diem ! MUSIM INTERVIEW DAH HABIS ! hehe .
p/s =- last week , alhamdulillah , i got a phone call from ytn , that i am a successful candidate , so i got the opportunity to study electrical power engineering kat UNITEN for 5 years , with duit wang saku , and everything will be paid for me . Alhamdulillah .

p/s/s=- now , i am in dilemma . even though i got rejected for jpa-mara , i still have the believe that there will be a chance for me to get that scholarship in meds/dentistry/ pharmacy , insyaAllah , ameen . hehe . So , i just have to wait . In the same time , i was offered a place dalam UPU for biological science foundation kat IIUM too ! alhamdulillah . So , exactly , which one i should choose , ambition or opportunity ?

As salam , ciao .

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