Thursday, 14 May 2015


Assalamualaikum , hello manusia ,

Okay , this is the second entry eh ? haha . okay , first of all nak cerita pasal tajaan ni . Okay , please do not be shocked when you get straight A's ke tak dapat straight A's ke , there will be loads of sponsorship that you can apply for . Lagi2 Maybank . Yup , the minimum requirement dia 6A je , very friendly , but the process ? Yeah , tu memang seriously , you kena usaha isi borang dia , attach sijil tu bagai , believe me , if you want to get money from them , you have to sacrifice your energy even without using your brain . Tapi , kudrat korang memang diuji babe , lagi2 masa nak dapatkan signature pengetua untuk sahkan you punya sijil bagai .

okay , after SPM result , I applied only for a few scholarships , perhaps 3 je yang I apply , which they are =-

1)Taylor's World Class Scholarship
2)JPA-MARA Scholarship
3) Yayasan Tenaga Nasional .

okay , firstly , I would to tell you about taylors world class scholarship nih ( TWS) . tws is a sponsorship that they called as a very prestigious because you can get an internship with world's best known companies . Like my bestfriend , wawa ( bukan nama sebenar) from MRSM PC , I was so lucky  enough to met her that day , because I had no friends to sit and chat with . Since , I am a boy , it was an awkward moment , seriously , to berkepit je dengan dia , as we both are schoolmates and went to Tunas Saintis dulu . haha . Okay, both of us applied for different courses and the theme for this interview was smart casual . okay...please jangan pelik , memang iv dia smart casual . There is no need for you to wear suit n tie , it so not necessary . I was wearing basic collar-T with a pair or jeans . haha . cool right ? Well , to be frank , I was so nervous throughout the interview as the University was so cantik that I really do not have any idea that that place is actually in Malaysia . Sounds cool kan ? haha . You tak dengar cerita ni sampai habis lagi .

Okay , after the jumaat prayer , my name was called immediately to be interviewed . It was one-to-one interview session and I was very comfortable with that iv . Actually , for this TWS , there was no medical course offered . cuma , engineering , business ngan biomeds je . huhu . I tanak biomed , as my passion is so into medicine to be the real doctor , insyaAllah a great doctor . Since my senior advised me to just apply je , so applied for biomeds . So , here goes the problem . How to answer to the panel when he or she asked me , ' why do you choose biomeds?' . Yeah , i was so 'lucky enough' at that particular moment when the panel asked me that question . Well , i CANNOT LIE . So , i told her the truth , that my passion is not for biomeds but medicine . she was shocked , so the interview was cut from long session to a very short one . I was like ...dah tak dapat ni , takpe lah , redha je . So , i just waited for wawa , and her session was so long like forever lamanya . And guess what , she got shortlisted for the final TWS !! (Eventually , sekarang dia dapat dah and akan internship dengan BASF PETRONAS . So proud of you !) . So , i was sad  lah , of course , my whole body went partially numb and my eyes were loaded with noble tears (ceyy)  until my name got called by the supervisor . ''awak awak , please come to the counter '' ..I was like ..what ?? so , i made my way there and guess what , AKU PON DAPAT SCHOLARSHIP !! ALHAMDULILLAH .

But , I did not manage to get TWS , instead i was offered The Edge Award , di mana ada course medicine dalam tu . Taylors will sponsor me for rm12k for my foundation year . Alhamdulillah . So , aku apa lagi ? terima lah !! haha . okay , wait for the next entry okay ? As salam =]

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