Friday, 15 May 2015


Assalamualaikum , 

 After PMR 2012 , I had the chance to do so many things in my life . Huhu . But , seriously , I do not remember what I did during that time .hahah , most probably , I went to a tahfiz camp that my mom asked me to join . All is well . hehe . 
So , as for the PMR result , Alhamdulillah , I got straight As , which was something that I craved so much back then . So , macam biasalah , with that result , I wanted to try my luck to apply for the SBP and also MRSM . As for SBP , I applied for SAS , whereas for MRSM I applied for MRSM ALOR GAJAH , because it is just a stone throw away from my house . Therefore , I had to  set up my mind , whatever that I will get after this , I must swallow in order for me to survive in that kind of environment . 

Okay , when the MRSM admission result was announced , Alhamdulillah , I got selected among the thousands that applied for this institution . Bila tengok borang tu , I was like , MRSM PENGKALAN CHEPA ? HA? where the hell ? So , I admit that I was shocked when I looked at the offer letter and mcm , alamak..mana MARA campak aku kali ni kan . haha . Then , I did some research regarding MRSM Pengkalan Chepa , so it goes , MRSM Pengkalan Chepa is one of the top MRSM in Malaysia , and is MRSM PKP or MRSM BITARA . In Malaysia , there are only 6 in Malaysia and I was lucky enough to experience it myself for almost 2 years . 

During the first day , I was like , seriously , there are only 2 forms in this school , which is form 4 and 5 . So , that means I had to be a junior again ... I was so concerned about the ragging stuff , senior jahat suruh gosok baju thingy , and macam2 lah ! But , that thought of mind jumbled up 360 degree , the seniors were so nice to us and they were like angels . lel , x de lah . They were just nice . haha . They guided us  from A-Z , and that is totally amazing okay . huhu . I then realized that all students there tak ada yang tak dapat straight As ! I was like ..what ?? why am I enrolling to a place that have so many strong competitions ??? Overall , I am so greatful to be there and I wish I could turn back time from the very first day , so that I could appreciate every single moment that I was offered . I did and do regret that I was whining and crying for almost every day in every semester there . Mana tidaknya , for the first semester examination , I obtained png 3.77 , and I was placced at 130th in the batch . I never imagined to get such horrible number ! I never obtained 3 angka punya nombor , but now , aku dah dapat . I cried , i wanted to move out as I never experienced such horrible result , and probably that was beyond my expectation . But yes , I do admit that they are all awesome , so smart , and so confortable with their life there . I had no friends and company ... So , I rather to stay , hide myself in my room and did self study that i found out it was not a right thing to do . 

To tell you about the systems in MRSM , to be frank , it is so well planned and I had my culture shock because i did not have any idea what is this cgpa , pointer system ?haha , there is no need for me to tell , because you can search it kat pakcik google . Okay , so , throughout my life in MRSM Pengkalan Chepa , I was blessed that I had this courage and confidence to try out for the selection of becoming the Student's Representative Council (SRC or BWP) . Becoming a BWP means you are taking risk and you cannot turn back time once you got selected . Actually , during the selection , I never knew that there would be so many stages that I had to go through . The first stage would be semasa nak hantar borang tu , we have to paste our picture on that paper , and  tell the reasons why do i want to be a bwp . Indeed , I was not confident that I will survive  , but then , it turned out , I had the chance to proceed to the second level , which is the interview session . macam iv nak dapat scholarship , like seriously , level of difficulty dia macam tuh . haha . Again , I got shortlisted to be among the 20 finalist ! Alhamdulillah . As for the third stage , this would be the hardest as I had to undergo campaign and parliament manifesto infront of the crowd . AHH!! I applied for MEX , which is academic exco , as i wanted to challenge myself to give inspiration to others that , even though with such a low pointer ,3.77 , i believe that i can get 4 flat one day ( the reality , tak dapat 4 flat pon) . So , that would be my answer every time the panels and the students wanted to condemn me and had disbelieve in me . So , i had to show my extra confident level , sebab aku nak pimpin budak2 ni untuk success ! So , during the manifesto , alhamdulillah , I did it ! I did it well and they believe in me =] So , alhamdulillah , as a result , i got selected as BWP MRSM PENGKALAN CHEPA SESI 13/14 . Only fourteen of us , and we are forever a BWP family . The bond that we created , is just so strong and will never break down , insyaAllah . I love my BWP , even though almost every day , we had to concern about others problem , school's problem , academic problem , and so much more in these shoulders of fourteen of us . We had to stayed up  for meeting , for the sake of students and college's programme , until 3 a.m in the morning . We cannot give excuses when it comes to homeworks  , because we were the role model to others . Alhamdulillah , most of us did well in this matter =] . That is why BWP , is my second family . haha

Then , to tell you about the schedule , it was packed like hell , but still , we had to bear with it . Because once we're in , there is no such thing as look back . But , that really trained us how important time is and we learnt how to appreciate time , with classes , prep petang , riadah , prep malam , stay up and so much more . These things are so interesting , and pretty cool actually . hehe. 

                                                                                               -to be continued-

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