Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Journey Of  My Life ,

Assalamualaikum ,

well , this is probably the first post of this blog . So , I am pretty new in this kind of field . hehe . Actually , dulu aku pernah je main blog , tapi that  was like a zillion years ago . haha . gila menipu en . takdelah , it was when i was like .... 14 years old , sebab masa tu dapat jadi Naqib sekolah , a.k.a school prefect at SMK PUTRAJAYA PRESINT 9(2) .
Alhamdulillah , I got good result for my PMR examination year 2012 , that made me to enrol one of the most prestigious boarding school in Malaysia , MRSM Pengkalan Chepa . Seriously , I never had a clue that I would be enrolling myself there , as dulu , aq ni budak nakal , mulut laser do masa skolah rendah , and macam2 lah . tup2 , dapat MRSM Pengkalan Chepa ? For real ? When I first got this kind of offer , I was happy and syukur sangat2 of course , sebab dapat masuk MRSM kan . But , that thought of mine , jumbled up when I found out that this MRSM was so extreme and too mainstream to me . For seriously , MRSM Pengkalan Chepa is one of the best  MRSM PKP ,aka MRSM BITARA , di mana , di Malaysia , ada 6 je MRSM PKP . I was lucky enough to go to  this place . At first , it was a warfare , but then it turned out so nicely and very sweet to me . Alhamdulillah . Okay , I will make another entry regarding MRSM life , but now , I just want to share , what do I get when SPM had landed on its respective platform .

masa habis SPM , biasalah apa kita buat ? QADA' TIDUR !!! hahaha . yup , it is true , and it fits me well , and lasts for almost 6 months you know , throughout the holiday that I had been offered automatically bila habis SPM . Well , masa dapat result SPM , Alhamdulillah , I was so happy , and I was in  cloud nine and my state of euphoria was at its utmost peek , sebab dapat apa ? sebab ni la=-

1) dapat jumpa cikgu !
2) dapat jumpa besties
3)dapat jumpa classmates !
4)dapat jumpa BWP KESAYANGAN okay

haha . so, masa result spm lah paling best . huhu . My result ? Alhamdulillah , I had achieved what I'd been struggling since the very beginning . You know kan , to get success , it is never going to be easy . You have to work hard , plan your time smartly , and be intelligent in both aspects ( religiously and emotionally ) . Please , my advice , if you want to get a very meaningful success , you have to help your friends and fellow  comrades throughout the war and journey , bukannya sombong ilmu nak kalahkan orang tu orang ni tau ! Believe me , when you help people , eventually you are helping yourself more , sbb kita buat benda ni Lillahita'ala .That is certainly a very meaningful success to me . Alhamdulillah , SPM 2014 diungguli MRSM . Walaupun ranked kedua seluruh Malaysia with GPS 1.07 ,kami sangat bersyukur sebab we all knew , to get that points , it is not easy but crazy .Mana tak gila , tiba2 tahun ni budak straight A+ ada 14 orang . memang wow lah .Alhamdulillah. Life is never a bed of roses guys , everything yang korang nak , memang kena usaha . InsyaAllah  yang lain tu , we leave it to Allah to handle okay ? haha
 Okay , maybe that's it from me , InsyaAllah I janji I tulis lagi lepas ni , bila ada masa okay ? The next entry would be , MRSM Life , Tajaan .

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